Helen Reid - A fair cop: A history of British policewomen

This talk will trace the history of women in the British police, starting with the volunteers during WW1 and covering the changing role of (and attitudes towards) women in the police over the years up to the present day.

Helen has a personal interest in this topic, as her husband's great-grandmother was one of the first policewomen in London in 1919 when she joined the newly-formed Women Patrols set up by the Metropolitan Police that year.

As well as photos of her in uniform, she has her original notebook from 1919 and other contemporaneous records to show. Also, her husband's aunt - granddaughter of the 1919 pioneer - was a London policewoman during the 50s - 70s (rising to Superintendent). So she'll illustrate her talk with such 'family' details, along with other information she's gathered in her research.

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