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Saturday, 21 May 2022

Saturday, 21 May 2022

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If you like a tasty treat in convivial company the Curry Club is for you! We meet once a month in a local Indian, Chinese, Thai or Nepalese restaurant. Generally we each order our own choice of main dish but are prepared to share a bit, and as a group we order enough rice, naan and side dishes to go round. Occasionally we just ask the restaurant to give us a selection of food to share and see what happens! We divide the cost plus a tip equally between members to keep matters simple, and generally that's easiest if members bring cash, even in these contactless days. We have some favourite places but sometimes find a new one, and suggestions from members are welcome.

Of course we have to book a table for what can sometimes be a large group, so members can't just turn up on the night. The Group Leader contacts all group members each month and asks to be informed if you are coming by the Thursday immediately preceding the meeting. New members will always be made welcome, just get in touch with the Group Leader and you can be added to the list.




Meetings: 4th Tuesday of the month (No meeting in December)

Time: 7pm

Tue Jan 25th The group will be visiting the Cinnamon Tree at Ellistown (or is it Battram?). As always new members will be made welcome, but please book with the Group Leader first.

Tue Feb 22nd We will be returning to Mount Gurkha in Loughborough which we enjoyed a few years ago. This offers tasty Nepalese and Indian dishes so it has some flavours we may not find elsewhere as well as old favourites. Time 7.00pm, address 31 Ashby Road, Loughborough LE11 3AA. For those who like landmarks, it's near Sainsbury's; for those with long memories it was for decades the Eastern Garden Indian Restaurant. Places must be pre-booked so contact the Group Leader beforehand.

Tue Mar 22nd We will be revisiting a restaurant we ate in last September.. It's Thawa, Coalville. We all enjoyed its tasty food and good value prices last time, so here goes. Just a reminder - soft drinks are available, but the place is not licensed so bring your own alcohol, and they will happily open it and provide glasses for you. Please book places with the Group Leader by the previous Thursday.

Tue Apr 26th For our outing this month we will be sampling the Bangladeshi cuisine at De La Zouch Restaurant in Ashby. It is about five years since the group last ate there so a return seems overdue. New members always welcome. Names to the Group Leader by noon the previous Thursday please.

Tue May 24th This month we will be at Chilli 'n' Spice Restaurant, 35 Main Street, Swannington .This is another curry house we have not been to for quite a while . New members always welcome. Names to the Group Leader by noon the previous Thursday please.

Tue Jun 28th We will be off to Loughborough, to sample Chinese food in a restaurant we have never visited before. This is The White Horse and Noodle Bar, 32 Bedford Street, Loughborough, LE11 2DS. This is either "A good old traditional pub with a fantastic Chinese Noodle Bar" or "Probably the best Chinese restaurant in town with a traditional pub attached - customer's words" depending which bit of their website you look at! We can decide for ourselves once we've tried it. Group members will be invited to sign up in the usual way, but new members are always welcome, just let the Group Leader know in good time if you want to come along.


Pete Johnson at curry at whitwicku3a dot org dot uk

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Below are pictures from recent Curry Club meetings. Further pictures in the gallery.

2019 January meeting at the Hong Kong Restaurant in Measham

This month the group ate at the Hong Kong in Measham as an early celebration of the Chinese New Year. We all enjoyed excellent food and service.

Exterior view of the Hong Kong Restaurant at night

Memebrs at a long table awaiting their meal

Some dishes on a hot plate

Close up of one dish

Sliced pineapple in a syrup

2018 May meeting at the Thai Grand in Loughborough

Here are a few pictures......

Exterior view of Thai Grand Restaurant

Close up of a tasty dish

View of table with a variety of dishes set out

2018 April meeting at the Hong Kong Chinese Restaurant in Measham

Members in mid-meal at a long table
15 members of the Curry Club had a very enjoyable evening at the Hong Kong in Measham

and below is some of the delicious food...

Two of the dishes
Two more dishes

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