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Saturday, 21 May 2022

Saturday, 21 May 2022

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Whitwick & District U3A - Digital Photography Group


To show members how to deal with all aspects of digital photography, from taking pictures, putting them onto a computer, sorting them into files and folders, backing them up, to improving them through various editing techniques. The group also looks at printing and scanning and an introduction to creating slideshows and DVDs.

Members may also be interested in the Creating DVDs group.




The Group has decided to limit activities to on-line, except for the occasional outdoor photography session and meetings to discuss particular issues. Themes will still be set on a monthly basis for members to remain active with their cameras.

A new theme of "Movement" is set for the next couple of months

David Harms at digital  at whitwicku3a dot org dot uk

Below are some recent photos

(You can view pictures from 2020 and earlier in the gallery here.)

2022 - Digital Photography - April

Here are some more "Blue & Yellow" pictures submitted by members.......






2022 - Digital Photography - March

A new theme has been set for the group - "Blue and Yellow". Here are some of the early pictures taken by the group.




2022 - Digital Photography - February

Here are some more "Tracks" pictures.......



2022 - Digital Photography - February

A new theme of "Tracks" has been set this month and here are some of the pictures taken by members so far......




2021 - Digital Photography - December

Here are a few more examples of "Near and Far" pictures taken by members. Old John in Bradgate Park features well......


2021 - Digital Photography - November

Below is a small sample of the pictures taken by members in response to the set theme of "Near and Far". The theme was quite open but I was looking for pictures with a subject in the foreground and also in the background.








2021 - Digital Photography - October

For those who have patiently waited for the answers to the "Numbers and Letters" pictures shown in July here they are at last........

The other pictures shown are a small sample of the pictures taken by members in response to the set theme of "Leading Lines". More may be added later.


R V  8


E O  Q

Now for the Leading Lines.............







2021 - Digital Photography - July

The theme set for July was "Numbers and Letters". Here are some of the pictures taken by members.

For the first 6 pictures can you identify the characters?.......(answers next month)


<...........What are the characters?..........>





2021 - Digital Photography - June

The theme set for June was "Beauty in a time-worn object". Here are some of the pictures taken by members.











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