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Wednesday, 4 August 2021

Wednesday, 4 Aug 2021

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Whitwick & District U3A - Fun with Words


We are W&D's newest group, formed during the Covid pandemic. We are interested in anything to do with words - story or poetry writing, alliteration, onomatapoeia, similes, the origin of words, collective nouns - there's endless possibilities. There'll be a monthly challenge, set by any one of the group members. And a chance to comment on what's been presented, but always in a positive way. For now, we'll be meeting via a monthly email session.

Please note that some groups are still assessing how they will operate and as such some physical group meetings will still be either limited or suspended.

BUT the group is meeting via email

To start, we thought we would look at collective nouns. They are peculiar to the English language and can be dated back to the Norman conquest when the aristocracy were French and continued to speak French whilst the poor continued to use the local language - Anglo-Saxon English. Courtly hunting was all the rage with its own special vocabulary known as terms of venery. These would include such examples as:

Terms of venery were colourful, affected and very popular. In 1486, the Book of St. Albans included:

The tradition has continued with modern uses:

There are many others and no doubt you can think of more. Next month our challenge will be to write a story in 100 words.


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