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Saturday, 2 July 2022

Saturday, 2 Jul 2022

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This gallery is split over several pages. Each page displays pictures from a particular year or years as taken by members whilst visitng gardens. The most recent are at the top of the page. The links below can be used to select the relevant year.

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BBQ and Plant Swap - August 2021

Male tending 2 barbecues with 5 other members seated.

A group of members seated in a cirlce

5 members seated at a table with hedges behind


Dower House, Melbourne - March 2020

The owner standing on a low wall addressing the members

A group of yellow daffodils, with members in background

Trees in foreground and lake behind

Members inspecting a long border with a high stone wall behind

A group of white daffodils with yellow trumpets

Buds about to break on a Magnolia set against a blue sky

Hyacinths of blue, light and dark pink, and pale yellow


Smisby Arboretum - Octobert 2019

A palm looking rather like a tree fern with  a spaly of leaves
Trachycarpus fortunei (Chusan or Windmill Palm) - very hardy tree native to western China - one member grew up with one of these in their Cardiff garden

A very slender tree with dark green foliage staying close to main trunk
Liquidambar styraciflua Slender Silhouette (Sweet Gum Tree) - from north America

Guide explaining to the members
The guide was very knowledgeable

A relatively compact acer with striking deep pink leaves
There were many firey colours such as Euonymous alatus Little Moses

A show of deep golden leaves
Acer tegmentosum (Amur Maple) native to Manchuria and North Korea

A group of young acers in crimson, yellow and maroon
An array of acers

A splay of stems with grey-green bark with vertical white bands
Acer tegmentosum (Amur Maple) has amazing snake like bark


Jackie Manship's Garden - August 2019

Members near veg beds and  begonias

Statue between hedges

Members walking arounf ornamental lake

heges and baskets of begonias

A samll pool water feature

Lawn and borders in upper garden

large fish in pond

Members relaxing with a drink on the terrace

Composite picture with close-ups of blooms


Woodend Cottage, Repton - July 2019

Members admiring a border

Memebrs almost hidden amongst a mixture of tall plants

Red-hot pokers


Pool with memebrs relaxing in background

Day lilies


Coton Manor - April 2019


Dumbleside - March 2019


Leicester University Botanic Garden - October 2018

Lovely autumn colour (& excellent cake!)


Green Wicket Farm - September 2018


BBQ and Plant Swap - August 2018


Grafton Cottage, Barton-under-Needwood - July 2018


John's Garden - May 2018


Our Group Leader goes the exra mile (well about 1000 actually) to try and get a suitable speaker.


Chevin Brae - March 2018
Enjoying the garden (and the excellent pies provided by the owner!)


Felley Priory - February 2018


Calke Abby Gardens - September 2017


BBQ and Plant swap - August 2017


Kelmarsh Hall - July 2017


Cascades Garden in Bonsall - May 2017


Member's garden - April 2017


Hopton Hall - Feb 2017


April 2016 - Long Close


February 2016 - Hodsock Priory


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