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Saturday, 21 May 2022

Saturday, 21 May 2022

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This gallery is split over several pages. Each page displays pictures from a particular year or years as taken by members whilst on some of the shorter walks, including SWANS. The most recent are at the top of the page. The links below can be used to select the relevant year.

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Strollers - December's Walk

A stroll round Calke, led by Howard and Irene

Some Longhorns


A well deserved rest

A distant shot of the Church at Calke

En route


5 Milers - December's Walk

A record 25 members walked a circular 5 miles, or thereabouts, around Bradgate Park, led by Steve and Evelyn.

Below are some pictures taken on the walk.

On the path

Some beautiful countryside in the winter sun

A couple of views of Old John

25 Walkers

Still on the path

A couple of silhouettes


Strollers - November's Walk

A stroll from Thringstone, led by Ann

Negotiating two of the many stiles!!

UP...........................and DOWN!!!

A view of Whitwick Vineyard

Steps to where in Temple Wood??

Negotiating a victim of recent high winds!!


5 Milers - November's Walk

A 5 mile circular walk from Abbotts Oak via Agar Nook to Whitwick and back, led by Pete, taking in a stretch of the Ivanhoe Way, a stone circle, Mount St. Bernard Abbey and the Warren Hills.

There was a good turnout of 20 members. It was dry although a bit murky. Holly Hayes Wood looked very autumnal. We had a banana break at the stone circle in Forest Rock Wood - not often we come across a ready-made table that is over 6 million years old. The maize field provided some amusement - the crop towered over us all.

Below are some pictures taken on the walk.



5 Milers - October's Walk

A very informative and leisurely walk around Swannington, led by Bis

Starting off up a "green lane"

So what's wrong with using the stile??

Our leader telling us about "Wilkins' Sough" below us

The fantail of Hough Mill just in view from a distance

Admiring Ian's View

A little closer to Hough Mill.........

.........a suitable spot for a banana break

A recently uncovered pond near Hough Mill

Autumn colours........

........and the autumn walkers


September's Saunter

A walk at Moira Furnace and Canal

A well earned cake


Strollers - September's Walk

A stroll from Copt Oak to Ulverscroft and back, led by David

Copt Oak Church

On the way

Banana break

Ulverscroft Priory


5 Milers - September's Walk

A Walk from Sutton Cheney led by Alison

Guess who's admiring the electricty pylon.

All together now!! - "Ten 5 Milers sitting on a wall......"

The Ashby Canal

A bit of mud!!


Strollers - August's Walk

A stroll around Queen Elizabeth Jubilee Woods, led by Steve and Evelyn.

Will nobody get me out of this tree??


5 Milers - August's Walk

A Walk from Oakthorpe led by Elaine and Martin

Can you spot the little lost chick?.........

Along the Ashby Canal.......

Banana break outside Conkers

Negotiating the only stile on the walk


Strollers - July's Walk

A 4-mile stroll, or perhaps just over, led by Denis and Jenny.

On the right path

Another stile conquered

Through the fields of barley......


....and daisies!!!


5 Milers - July's Walk

A Walk from Ticknall led by Derek

In Heath Wood with our leader providing some interesting local information

There's a Hydraulic Ram in here somewhere....

.....ah!! there it is....

....and the pool that feeds it.


Strollers - June's Walk

A 4 mile walk from Ibstock, led by Ann.

Mother and foal

Ready for lunch!!


5 Milers - June's Walk

A Walk from Ingleby led by Rose.

Leaving Ingleby

Photographers at work.......

.........lovely wild flowers

This one's for Derek!!

The walkers outside Foremarke Hall prep school

The Church of St. Saviour, Foremark

A few spots of rain

Anchor Church Caves.......

........and the Anchor Church Cave People!!.....

..........and this is what the Cave People do when they leave the cave!!........


Strollers - May's Walk

14 members of the Strollers walking group met at Groby Pool for the start of a very enjoyable 3 and a half mile walk led by Jean. Following a few days of rain the weather was very kind to us and we even saw some sunshine!
A few of our members were unaware of the existence of the pool although it is the largest natural expanse of open water in Leicestershire and there we saw swans and geese with lots of goslings. We walked across fields and pathways edging onto woods which were full of beautiful bluebells and many other varieties of wild flowers. We had lovely views of Bradgate park and eventually emerged into Newtown Linford village. From there we continued our walk through Sheet Hedges wood and back to the car park at the pool.
It was a lovely easy walk in good company with lots of friendly chatter and perfectly finished with lunch at the Stamford Arms in Groby!

Groby Pool

Who you lookin' at?

We saw more bluebells than on April's strollers!


5 Milers - May's Walk

A walk around the Ulverscroft area, led by Pete.

Head down and go for it.

Delightful bluebells.



Strollers - April's Walk

A walk from Normanton-le-Heath led by Bill and Carole, with lunch at The Queen's Head in Heather.

Lambs, a ewe and a view

Try clicking in the picture below....

Don't worry - we'll wait for you!!..........

One of a few early bluebells - not enough to call it a "bluebell walk"!!


5 Milers - April's Walk

A walk around Bardon and Cliffe Hill, led by Denis and Jenny.

Our leaders at the front.

Crossing the Burton to Leicester Midland Railway line.

Down to pick up the Cliffe Hill Granite Line

A picturesque(?) view of Cliffe Hill Quarry

East Lane cottages on the left and Bardon Hill in the distance - a view from Cliffe Hill

Heads down.....

.....and onwards


SWANS - March's Walk

A walk round Thornton Reservoir led by Keith

A fisherman on the reservoir

The Weir

A couple of geese.......

.........and a group of SWANS

A wood carving.......

.........and not a wood carving

St. Peter's Church


Strollers - March's Walk

This month is the anniversary of the Strollers walking group and Ann led us on a repeat of last year's walk from Measham along the Ashby Wolds Heritage Trail and through Overseal.

Strolling along the Ashby Wolds Heritage Trail

Sorry, you can't join - this is the Strollers, not SWANS.

A particularly noisy section of the walk.


5 milers - March's Walk

A 5.5 mile walk from Shortheath near Moira through Overseal, Linton Heath, Netherseal and Donisthorpe, led by Pearl.

Maybe not a suitable recruit!!

Approaching Netherseal

Passing some snowdrops on the way

The happy walkers

Admiring the view


SWANS - February's Walk

A Walk from Hough Mill led by Bis

Leaving Hough Mill

Swannington Back-to-Back

Sunken Lane


Strollers - February's Walk

Led by Howard around Dimminsdale and Staunton Harold

The walkers pausing above Staunton Harold Church

Waterside view next to the church

We saw a few snowdrops on the way..............


5 Milers - February's Walk

In spite of a heavy snow storm as we drove to the starting point, the intrepid members of the 5 Milers Group were determined to walk as usual. The circular walk, led by Sue, began in Battram and included the village of Nailstone.

By the time everyone had on their walking boots, the snow had stopped and we walked in lovely winter sunshine. In fact, the early frost and snow proved to be an advantage: it had hardened many potentially muddy surfaces.

As we set off we could see the site of the former Nailstone Colliery which opened in 1864 and merged with Bagworth Colliery in 1968. After that, our route was across fields. Sue had warned the group that there were 17 stiles to climb over so several people were busy keeping count. (See them all below!!)

We took our banana break in the Memorial Garden in Nailstone and looked at All Saints Church before starting the walk back towards Battram. Along the way, we were all intrigued by considerable police activity at isolated Park Farm.

It was a pleasant walk in an area that few knew well. Most members stayed on for lunch at The Gate in Osbaston.

Views of Nailstone


Strollers - January's Walk

The first stroll of 2015 was led by Howard and Irene around the Calke Estate

Have they just walked on water? - probably not......

.........but these are doing just that!!!

The "Old Man of Calke"...and a few others!!

Our walk leaders having a real coffee break at Calke Abbey


5 Milers - January's Walk

The 5Milers walk on 6th January was from Long Whatton led by Ann, followed by a lunch at the King's Arms, Coleorton.

A view of Long Whatton

A new recruit?......

.....or bacon butties all round?


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