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Saturday, 21 May 2022

Saturday, 21 May 2022

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This gallery is split over several pages. Each page displays pictures from a particular year or years as taken by members whilst on some of the shorter walks, including SWANS. The most recent are at the top of the page. The links below can be used to select the relevant year.

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5 Milers - December's Walk

A 4.7 mile circular walk of two churches, led by Ann -

- from St James' Church in Smisby -

- to St. Peter's Church in Hartshorne.

Some more pictures en route.......

SWANS - November's Walk

A walk round Hicks Lodge, led by Bill. This was our last SWANS before Christmas and started in the morning with lunch at the Masons Arms in Donisthorpe. It was an excellent turn out with 23 walkers. Unfortuately not everyone made the group photo below,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Avoiding the puddles

A view across the lake at Hicks Lodge



Strollers - September's Walk

A 3-mile circular walk from Appleby led by Bill, with lunch at the Appleby Inn..

Following the leader.

Banana break nearly over.

A little muddy in places.


5 Milers - October's Walk

A circular walk from Queen Elizabeth ll Diamond Jubilee Woods, led by John. The walk took us eastwards to Heather Lane, through Miners Wood to the edge of Ravenstone, and, continuing anti-clockwise, back to Queen Elizabeth ll Diamond Jubilee Woods.


SWANS - August's Walk

A walk from Bosworth Battlefield, led by Janet and Jenny

A view of the Leicestershire countryside

The Battlefield Line - Shenton Station

The end of the line, but onwards towards the Ashby Canal...........


5 Milers - August's Walk

Stone marking the heart of the National forest passed on this month's walk from Ashby.


Strollers - August's Walk

A 4-mile circular walk from Warren Hills, Whitwick, led by Steve and Evelyn, passing Mount St. Bernard's Abbey, and walking through Ratchet Hill and Forest Rock Wood.

A not-so-well-trodden path

A view of Mount St. Bernard's Abbey

Heading towards the Abbey

Banana break at the Abbey

Looking northwards towards Nottingham

Single file across the corn field

Trust me guys - the path's up here

Just give me your hand - it's easy!! - (we all made it - thanks Steve!!)


Strollers - July's Walk

A walk from Hathern, led by David. This 4 mile walk was a repeat, in reverse, of a short 5 Milers walk in February, going past the Flood Protection Radial Gate at Zouch, along the River Soar past Normanton-on-Soar, to the corner of Dishley Pool and back across the fields to Hathern.

The River Soar at the entrance to the flood gate

The weir near the flood gate

Inspecting the flood gate


The River Soar

Normanton-on-Soar Church


5 Milers - July's Walk

A walk from Woodhouse Eaves and via Beacon Hill, led by Elaine and Martin. Lunch afterwards at the Copt Oak.

Some walkers ventured to the top of Beacon Hill.......

before rejoining the others for a refreshment break..............

........and yes, it did start to spit with rain!!


May's Saunter

A walk in Bradgate Park

The Lin

No evil here


SWANS - April's Walk

A walk from Moira, led by David

Above, outward bound along the Ashby Canal...

........and below, inward bound along the Ashby Woulds Heritage Trail.....


Strollers - April's Walk

A walk from Hartshorne, led by Sue and Ian

St. Peter's Church, Hartshorne

Interesting view......

Some friends we met on the way....




5 Milers - May's Walk

A walk from Smisby, led by Owen. Lunch afterwards at the Smisby Arms.

Some sheep!!

A gate!!

Some bluebells!!

A charming cottage!!

A very pleasant day

More bluebells!!

"I don't think that one over there is mine."

"No, I'm right here behind you!"

The beautiful Leicestershire countryside!!


5 Milers - April's Walk

A walk from Appleby Magna, through Norton-Juxta-Twycross, led by Pearl. Lunch afterwards at the Bird in Hand in Austrey.

Should be a nice lawn when it grows!!

Daffodils in Norton-Juxta-Twycross

Through a field of yellow


April's Saunter

A walk at Sence Valley Park


SWANS - March's Walk

A walk from Ticknall, led by Adrian. It was a lovely walking day for the 9 walkers.

Posing at the Hangman's Stone

Trying to avoid the mud


5 Milers - March's Walk

A walk from Ticknall, along part of the Ticknall to Ashby Tramway Trail and through the Calke Estate, ably led at short notice by Owen. We were again blessed with perfect walking weather. Afterwards some of us had an excellent lunch at the Smisby Arms.

Heading towards the Tramway Trail......

......and along the Tramway Trail

A handsome tree on the way.

A bit of rest.

A view of St. Giles Church on the Calke Estate.

Through the Calke Estate

A view of Calke Abbey (R) and the Stable Block (L)

At the Western end of Betty's Pond, Calke


5 Milers - February's Walk

17 5milers enjoyed an albeit slightly shorter walk than usual from Hathern, across the fields to Dishley Pool, to the River Soar, past Normanton on Soar, up to Zouch and back to Hathern. Earlier rain had ensured a good helping of mud, but on the day we were blessed with glorious sunshine. The walk was led by Bill and David.

En route

Dishley Pool

Black Brook

Negotiating one of many Kissing Gates

In the background is Normanton on Soar Church

The River Soar

The walkers, with Normanton on Soar on the other side of the river

The 11th century Church on the left and the 18th century chain ferry crossing, without pontoon, on the right

The Radial Gate flood management system at Zouch

The river entrance to the Radial Gate

Viewing the weir at Zouch


SWANS - January's Walk

A walk round Sence Valley Forest Park, led by John.

We started off cold but soon warmed up after a few steps.

Gathering in the car park

Down to the lakes

Walking on ice

A pair avoiding the ice

The lake's edge

A short pause

The end of a very pleasant walk


5 Milers - January's Walk

A goodly band of walkers assembled in Swannington to walk off some Christmas Pud, and were led by Roger on what turned out to be a mystery trip full of surprises. Despite being in an area close to home for most of us, we found there are many unknown places round about, including remnants of long lost railways, hidden playgrounds and nature areas, sports fields and mature trees, and footpaths in unexpected places. Although it was a grey day it remained dry for us (not so true of conditions underfoot unfortunately) and in good time we had covered 5 miles to Snibston and back and were ready for lunch.

Our walk leader in pensive mood

Banana break

Pretending to ignore the playground attractions

Exploring the woodland at Snibston


Strollers - January's Walk

A walk from Ticknall and through the Limeyards on the Calke Abbey Estate, led by Owen

Our walk leader testing the water pump in the village

Single file please!!

Having a look at the information board, below, at the lime kilns

The kiln entrances

The "Old Man of Calke" - second tree from the left

Entering the tramway tunnel....

....A light at the end of the tunnel.....

.....and into the light!!

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