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Saturday, 21 May 2022

Saturday, 21 May 2022

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Links to TAT, other U3As and items of potential interest can be found here.

Risk assesments

Participants in any group activity which involves potential physical contact should complete a personal risk assessment - this does not need to be shared with the Group Leader.


Meetings are held in a number of venues around the district, including in member's homes. For some of the most frequently used public general purpose venues location maps are provided

Privacy Policy

Whitwick and District U3A (WAD) collects and uses members information as provided on their membership form for the purposes of WAD administration. Any use outside of WAD requires a legal basis or the member's consent. A copy of the policy is available here. This may also be obtained by contacting the Secretary,  mem underscore sec at whitwicku3a dot org dot uk.
Members can obtain a copy of their data on application to the Membership Secretary, although this may be refused for repeated requests.

Data Policy

This policy provides greater detail on the implementation of the Privacy Policy.
The website does not use any cookies to collect information about the user or their browsing.
A full copy of the policy is available in the members area . This may also be obtained by contacting the Membership Secretary,  mem underscore sec at whitwicku3a dot org dot uk.

Equal Opportunities Policy

All affiliated Universities of the Third Age (U3As) pursue a policy providing equality of opportunity to all members and potential members regardless of age, social standing, language, ethnicity, gender, orientation and educational background. The acceptance of this policy will be deemed a condition of membership.

Safeguarding Policy

A copy of the Safeguarding Policy and Procedure can be found here.


The updated formal constitution adopted by the membership at the AGM 15th April 2015 with amendments made at the SGM 16th Nov 2018 can be found here. This is based on the model constitution proposed by the Third Age Trust. It replaces the original constitution of 2009.

AGM minutes and standing orders

These can be found in the members area here.

Officers and Committee

The Officers and Committe Members for the current year are given here.

Group Leaders & Committee Members Information

Various guides for Committee members and Group Leaders can be found in the members area here.

Group Leaders can check on items in Forthcoming Events here.

E-mail Guides

Guides on various aspects of e-mailing are available in the members area here.

Website updates

If you want to know which pages on this site have changed and when, you can find an overview here.

You can choose the email notification function in the members area to be informed about changes to various pages.

Computing tips

Expanded versions of the tips provided in the monthly Update are available using these links.

April Phishing February Duplex printing March Password retrieval / Lenovo laptops February Microsoft support for IE
May Updates March Website summary April Laptop security July Win 10 free upgrade ends
June Anti-virus software April XP support ends May Public Wifi December Email spam settings
July Email attachments May Heartbleed bug July Windows 10
August Cloud storage June Win 8 & 8.1 updates August Windows 10 removal February Compromised email accounts
September XP user options July Compromised routers September Windows 10 privacy April Phishing
October Clicks & keys August Ransomware November Phishing
November Windows 8 to 8.1 September Passwords   March Focused inmail
  October Junk mail   April Google inmail


The Summer 2015 and other newsletters are available here (in members area)

East Midlands Regional Newsletters

Issue 1, Issue 2, NewsBites Feb 2013, NewsBites Mar 2013.

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