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Saturday, 21 May 2022

Saturday, 21 May 2022

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How to join

If you'd like join us (and we hope you will), You can -

Fill out an online application here which will email a copy of your completed application to the membership secretary and yourself.

Or you can download a membership form (as a pdf) here .

A large print version of the form can also be obtained from the Membership Secretary  mem underscore sec at whitwicku3a dot org dot uk.

Remember that apart from the many group activities, Whitwick & District U3A (WAD) also provides:


As of 2018, the annual membership is £16 and subscriptions are due on April 1st. Reduced fees apply when joining after Oct 1st. If you are already a full member of another u3a you may claim a reduction of £3.50 on your membership. See table below.

From the April 2017 new and renewing members who have reached their 90th birthday will be entitled to free annual membership (this does not extend to group activity costs).

For the year commencing April 2021, the fee for existing members (as at 2020 AGM) will be zero, due to the reduced activities caused by Covid restrictions.

Joining date Main u3a - Whitwick & District Main u3a - other
April 1st - Sept 30th £16 £12.50
Oct 1st - Dec 31st £12 £8.50
Jan 1st - March 31st £6 £2.50

Note - your main u3a is responsible for providing your copy of Third Age Matters.

Meetings / Visitors

Prospective members can attend two of the monthly General Meetings and one "taster" in each of two different interest group sessions without joining, so that you can find out more about us. There is no additional charge for visitors.

There is no general charge for group meetings. Each group charges appropriately to cover their running costs; there may be additional costs for specific events e.g. external visits, refreshments.. You may join as many or as few groups as you wish, but other than the one "taster session" you must be a member in order to avoid our breaching the conditions of our insurance.

Members of other u3as

Members of other u3as can attend monthly meetings as visitors, up to a maximum of two times. They are welcome to join one of our groups and be treated as our own members i.e. without paying visitor fees. However, those wanting to join more than one of our groups would be expected to take WAD membership.

Other information

For more information about joining contact the Membership Secretary at  mem underscore sec at whitwicku3a dot org dot uk.

Details are also available about the Constitution, Equal Opportunity and Data Policies

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