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Tuesday, 26 October 2021

Tuesday, 26 Oct 2021

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Whitwick & District U3A - Reading Group

This group is for those with a general interest in all books and reading. At each meeting we choose the book we will read during the following month and discuss the book we have just finished.

If you've looked at, or even read, some of our choices, why not come along and join us? You don't have to join in with the discussion if you don't want to. All you need is a love of reading a wide range of books and we would be delighted to see you.

You can choose to get email reminders about the group's meetings by using the reminders page in the Members' Area.


Hall Lane Methodist Church


2nd Monday of the month for approx 1 hour starting at 10.30 am.

To make the process of selecting a book for the group to read, we decided to limit our choices to the following categories for this year: Auto/biographies, Short listers or prize winners, Short stories


Mon Sep 13th Our first resumed meeting is at Hall Lane Methodist Church. The book we will be discussing is Golden Hill by Francis Spufford but we will also be including comments on Light Perpetual by the same author. The first novel is set in New York in 1746. A young man, fresh off the boat from England, pitches up at a counting-house in Golden Hill Street with an order for £1,000 that he wishes to cash. Is this what it seems? This is New York in its infancy, a place where you can invent yourself afresh, fall in love and find a world of trouble.

Mon Oct 11th 'A pale view of hills' by Kazuo Ishiguro. This was his debut novel and tells the story of Etsuko, a Japanese woman now living alone in England and dwelling on the suicide of her daughter. She finds herself reliving one hot summer in Nagasaki, when she and her friends struggled to rebuild their lives after the war. But then, as she recalls her friendship with Sachiko - a wealthy woman reduced to vagrancy- the memories take on a disturbing cast.

Mon Nov 8th 'The chalk circle man' by Fred Vargas. Unusually for us, this is a crime novel and the author, who just happens to be French, is described as witty, intriguing, disconcerting and seductively romantic. Her detective, Jean-Baptiste Adamsberg is not like other policemen. he doesn't search for clues, he ignores obvious suspects and arrests people with cast-iron alibis. In spite of all this, he is a born cop. When strange blue chalk circles appear on the pavements of Paris, only Adamsberg takes them seriously. And when the body of a woman with her throat cut is found in one, only Asamsberg realises that other murders will soon follow...Join us to compare and contrast our opinions.

If you've enjoyed this or any novels, do come and join us. There's never any compulsion to join in, your presence would be most welcome.


Lynda Hall at reading at whitwicku3a dot org dot uk or zero one five three zero four one five nine two two

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Some of the books read and enjoyed over recent months.

Various books spread out including  The Great Gatsby

More books including Salmon Fishing in the Yemen and Notes from a Small Island

Book covers on a display board  including Howards End

World War one books on table including All quiet on the Western Front
Books read recently, linked by the theme of WW1 and the centenary of the outbreak of that great conflict

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