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Friday, 23 April 2021

Friday, 23 Apr 2021

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Whitwick & District U3A - Reading Group

This group is for those with a general interest in all books and reading. At each meeting we choose the book we will read during the following month and discuss the book we have just finished.

If you've looked at, or even read, some of our choices, why not come along and join us? You don't have to join in with the discussion if you don't want to. All you need is a love of reading a wide range of books and we would be delighted to see you.

You can choose to get email reminders about the group's meetings by using the reminders page in the Members' Area.

Please note that in line with Government Covid restrictions, many physical group meetings are currently suspended.


Hall Lane Methodist Church


2nd Monday of the month for approx 1 hour starting at 10.30 am.

To make the process of selecting a book for the group to read, we decided to limit our choices to the following categories for this year: Auto/biographies, Short listers or prize winners, Short stories


Mon Jan 13th This month's book is "The sellout" by Paul Beatty. Born in the agrarian ghetto of Dickens on the outskirts of L.A., the narrator is brought up to believe his father's studies will lead to a memoir that will solve their financial woes. But when his father is killed in a shoot-out, all that's left is the bill for a funeral. The narrator then sets out to right another wrong... Taking aim at every stereotype, rivalry and anxiety about race in America, the Sellout is an indictment of our times.

Mon Feb 10th We will be reviewing The Fox by Frederick Forsyth. Most weapons do what they are told, most weapons can be controlled. But, what if the most dangerous weapon in the world isn't a missile or a stealth submarine or even an AI computer program? What if it's an 18 year old boy with a blisteringly brilliant mind who can run rings round the most sophisticated security services across the globe, who can, if he chooses to, manipulate that weaponry and turn it against the superpowers themselves? How valuable would he be? What wouldn't you do to get hold of him? Intrigued? You'd be most welcome to come and join us for our discussion.

Mon Mar 9th This time our book is 'A Spot of Bother' by Mark Haddon which is described as 'a painful, funny, humane novel: beautifully written, addictively readable'. At 57, George is settling down to a comfortable retirement, building a shed, reading historical novels, listening to a bit of jazz. Then Katie, his daughter, announces she is getting re-married and the family are not best pleased. Jean, George's wife, is a bit put out how the wedding planning is getting in the way of her affair with one of her husband's former colleagues and George's son, when his pleasant and tidy life with his lover, Tony, crumbles after he fails to invite him to the nuptials.....

There will be no meeting in April as it falls on Easter Monday.

If you've enjoyed this or any novels, do come and join us for coffee and biscuits. There's never any compulsion to join in, your presence would be most welcome.


Lynda Hall at reading at whitwicku3a dot org dot uk or zero one five three zero four one five nine two two

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Some of the books read and enjoyed over recent months.

Various books spread out including  The Great Gatsby

More books including Salmon Fishing in the Yemen and Notes from a Small Island

Book covers on a display board  including Howards End

World War one books on table including All quiet on the Western Front
Books read recently, linked by the theme of WW1 and the centenary of the outbreak of that great conflict

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