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Saturday, 2 July 2022

Saturday, 2 Jul 2022

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Whitwick & District U3A - Computing tip March 2015

Last autumn, the tip was to remind you to use different passwords for different sites, make the passwords longer and more complex, and possibly make use of a password manager.

This is fine, but most sites have a mechanism for dealing with when you have forgotten your password, and the better sites don't just send you a new password but instead ask you some questions first. The classic questions are things like your date of birth, favourite colour, your pet's name etc. Now this may seem strange but if at all possible you should lie because it is often easy for other people to get the correct answer to these questions and hence impersonate you. With this they can then reset your password themselves and take over your account.

When giving an incorrect answer be creative; for a date of birth you probably will have to give an actual date (but not yours!), but for a colour you might answer "chimpanzee" i.e. not a colour at all. Naturally you do need to keep a record of your silly answers (not on your computer!), but this is probably a lot safer than someone taking over your gmail account, say, which might have all sorts of information in it.

Important for Lenovo Laptop Users

If you have bought or been given a new Lenovo laptop in the last 6 months you should carry out some checks to see if it has been compromised by some malware.

To check visit https://www.canibesuperphished.com/ using the laptop. If you see a warning, you are not vulnerable. If you see a web page, you are vulnerable.

If you are vulnerable then there are instructions on how to remove it at

However you should perform the following steps as well:-

To remove the certificate from Windows, use Certificate Manager. The steps are:

1. Run "certmgr.msc" to launch the Certificate Manager

2. Open the Trusted Root Certification Authorities.

3. Look in the list of certificates.

4. If there are any certificates labelled Superfish, Inc. delete them.




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