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Saturday, 21 May 2022

Saturday, 21 May 2022

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Whitwick & District U3A - Computing tip October 2014

This month's tip is very simple - remember to check your email junk folder regularly.

Why you may ask, after all it is only junk. Well perhaps. In fact depending on which email service you use, which ISP you have and which program you use you may well find that there is mail you want in the junk folder.

A particularly aggressive categorisation of junk occurs if you use Microsoft's outlook.com as your email - on one setting if the sender is not in your address book the email is automatically classed as junk. While other email providers may not be quite so drastic, it is annoying to find this sort of behaviour.

Another aspect to look out for is how long is it before items in the junk folder are automatically removed - sometimes this is as short as a week or 10 days.

Many providers or programs will let you define senders you definitely don't want - a blacklist, and also senders you definitely do want - a whitelist. Even with this set up it is still worth regularly checking.


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