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Monday, 1 June 2020

Monday, 1 Jun 2020

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Good morning. Welcome to Whitwick & District U3A.

What is U3A? U3As exist to provide a forum in which retired and semi-retired people can get involved in helping to create, join and run a wide variety of activities which improve their knowledge and skills, enhance their physical and mental wellbeing and keep them socially connected in a friendly and informal environment. It is a non-political and non-religious organisation.

Central to this are interest groups of which we have over 40. In these we learn from each other and from direct experience, rather than being taught in a formal setting . There is no formal structure of assessment or awards. Any member can, and is encouraged to, form a new group within their own area of interest or expertise.

Our membership is drawn from North West Leicestershire, primarily from the Whitwick / Coalville area and other nearby towns and villages. Our general meetings are held on the 3rd Friday of the month at Broomleys Church Hall at 2.00 pm. You are most welcome to come along and find out more.


In light of government advice to avoid all unnecessary social contact and travel, Whitwick & District U3A will be suspending all General Meetings and physical meetings of Interest Groups with immediate effect. Where possible groups will try to meet on a virtual basis.

Guidance for members Revised 17-5-20

Updated 31-5-20 History group is now operating weekly in virtual mode - see their web page.

Updated 29-5-20 Computing Refreshers has gone online.These sessions are open to all members. Video recordings of the first four sessions are now available via the Computing notes page of the Members Area.

Updated 26-5-20 Striders present a few pictures from individual walks.

Updated 19-5-20 The Garden group has updated pictures from members' gardens, as well as a set of virtual Garden tours, including that of a member's garden

Updated 16-5-20 Leicestershire County Council are to re-open the Lount Recycling and Waste Site on May 18th but visits must be pre-booked. There is not a planned re-opening of the Coalville site.

Updated 27-4-20 NW Leics are resuming Garden waste collections on a monthly basis from 28th April onward with details being supplied by letter to each household. Cardboard is not being collected..

NEW 25-4-20 Coalville Park has re-opened for exercise.

Updated 1-5-20 Computing Refreshers next online session 13th May. These sessions are open to all members. Video recording of the first two sessions are now available via the Computing notes page of the Members Area.

NEW 23-4-20 Information from the Co-op on Cooperative, as referenced in the Chair's email.

NEW 19-4-20 The Grayson Perry art programmes mentioned in the Roundup, due to start on 16 April, have been delayed due to the artist's illness (not coronavirus). The series will now start on 27 April at 8pm on Channel 4.

Updated 14-4-20 A short summary of various methods of keeping in touch, additional info for protecting the use of Zoom

NEW 12-4-20 Theatre Royal and Concert Hall Nottingham have shows available to watch from some of their own performers (Alan Bennett's The Habit of Art, explores the relationship between Benjamin Britten and WH Auden) and also from around the digital world. Some have a small cost implication.

NEW 12-4-20 The Royal Academy are they are opening the doors to the Picasso and Paper exhibition this week.

Added 6-4-20 A few Virtual Tours for those suffering from holiday withdrawal symptoms

Added 3-4-20Help for those in Isolation / vulnerable in Whitwick

Added 1-4-20 Guides for appropriate settings provided by UK Safer Internet Centre for Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok and Roblox.

Added 1-4-20 Scam examples as found by the BBC

Added 31-3-20 Little Leaflet of Cyber Mistakes to help you keep safe on line

Added 27-3-20 The National Theatre is to stream plays on You Tube on Thursdays, for free www.nationaltheatre.org.uk/at-home.

Added 20-3-20 Scam advice

As the situation changes we will update this information.

Recent events

Six members standing on or near play equipment - no bananas in sight!
A banana break?! Striders March2020. More pictures on their page
Members at tables in the decorated main hall
General Meeting, December 2019. More pictures on their page
Members seated in the sunshine
Ramblers on their lunchbreak, Februrary 2020. More pictures on their page

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Membership Renewal 2020-2021 All members should receive their membership renewal letters by the end of February; if you haven't received yours by then please contact the Membership Secretary mem underscore sec at whitwicku3a dot org dot uk. Although present circumsatnces mean that you cannot renew at a General Meeting, you can renew by post or bank transfer - details are on your renewal form.

Updated Information

Recent pictures are posted from April for the Digital Photography Group, from March events for Gardens and Striders, from February events for SWANS, 5milers, Ramblers and for the Christmas General Meeting, and pictures of the December events for Quiz group and Sunday Lunch.

For a full list of recent updates see here, or you can choose to get notified by e-mail using the notify page in the members area.

Items of Interest

Third Age Trust AGM. Notification is hereby given of the 37th Annual General Meeting of TAT will be held at the East Midlands Conference Centre, Nottingham on 27th Aug 2020 commencing at 11.15 am. For further details please contact Wendy sec at whitwicku3a dot org dot uk

Regional Trustee Newsletter is available here.

The Third Age Trust issue national newsletters. An archive of these is available here, or you can sign up to receive them directly here.

National events:

In Depth Study Groups - A chance to study in much greater depth than an interest group. If you have a computer you could link up with like-minded people across the UK.

Forthcoming monthly meetings (click on underlined dates for more detail)

These will only resume when the restrictions relating to Covid 19 are relaxed - so these are what we hope will take place

15 May 20 This should have been our AGM plus the Fun Choir. A new date will be advised when known
19 June 20 Speaker Philip Caine - Barrow to Bahgdad and back : My career story
17 July 20 Speaker Andy Smith - John, Paul, George and me
21 Aug 20 Speaker Dr Victoria Strong - Life as a zoo vet
18 Sept 20 Speaker Mike Storr - Masters of Mirth
16 Oct 20 Speaker Kevin Reynolds - Dispelling the myths - an introduction to bats
20 Nov 20 Speaker Andy Smart - Their names will live on
18 Dec 20 Singer Natalie Nightingale
15 Jan 21 Speaker Paul Siddals - The history of the gas industry in Leicestershire
19 Feb 21 Speaker Stuart Warburton - 100 years of cycling
19 Mar 21 Speaker Samantha Hancock - Cyber-awareness, Fraud and Scams
16 Apr 21 Speaker Bharat Patel - Behind the headlines
21 May 21 AGM then Speaker Sue Garside - Lifestyle medicine
18 Jun 21 Speaker Elaine Clifford - Hearing matters
16 Jul 21 Speaker Helen Reid - A fair cop: A history of British policewomen
20 Aug 21 Speaker Dr Iain Hambling - T G Green & Co Pottery
17 Sep 21 Speaker Alan Gray M.B.E. - 'You cannot be serious': Tales of a Wimbledon umpire 1988- 2012
15 Oct 21 Speaker John Whitehead - Churchill
19 Nov 21 Speaker Sandy Leong - Black cats, new moons and ladders: Origins of superstitions
17 Dec 21 Performance Fool's Gold Christmas Show

Pictures of some other previous talks are here, and for other information on previous talks and speakers, click here.

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Our U3A received grants from the Big Lottery Fund in 2010 and 2013
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