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Monday, 30 November 2020

Monday, 30 Nov 2020

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Whitwick & District U3A - Computing Group - Refresher


Aimed at people with a basic working knowledge of PCs, it is intended to provide further information of how to get more from your PC, or to remind you of things you may have forgotten. The sessions will mainly use Windows 10 with coverage of Windows 8.1 where appropriate. Programs such as the Microsoft Office suite and a variety of other, often free, programs will also be addressed. The topics may range over how to use various programs to how things work. Suggestions for topics are always welcome.

Please note that following Government advice re Covid 19, physical group meetings are currently suspended.

HOWEVER Sessions will now be held online via Zoom at 2.00pm on alternate Wednesdays.

Wed Oct 7th Privacy issues. A look at various things from Licence Agreements to what browsers and search engines can learn about you. Video of session available

Wed Oct 21st Organising files. Do you keep losing items on your PC? Some background of what Windows does, and how to take charge. Video of session available

Wed Nov 4th Word, some odds and ends. A look at some of the slightly less common features that lurk in Word. Separate videos of session available for Word, and for Writer.

Wed Nov 18th Cleaning up your PC. Just like anything else, your PC will benefit from a clear-out, but what can you do safely? Video of session available

Wed Dec 2nd Capturing website information. There can be many times when you would like a more permanent record of something found on a website, so how can you do it, and is it legal.


Previous sessions on Teams

Spreadsheets, presentational aspects, 27th May Video of session available

Spreadsheets as a database, 13th May Video of session available

Spreadsheets part 2, 29th April Video of session available

Spreadsheets, the basics, 15th April. Video of session available


Member's house


Most sessions will be on 1st Wednesday of the month 2.00 - 4.00pm.



Jan. There will be no meeting (it's New Year's Day). Remember that Microsoft support for Windows 7 finishes this month.

Wed Feb 5th A look at ways to capture Audio or Video from online sources. Notes issued.

Wed Mar 4th For this session we will be looking at data recovery. Is there something you have left on an old PC or hard-disk, or perhaps mistakenly deleted? Notes issued.

Wed Apr 1st Spreadsheets. How do they work and why might you want to use one. The session will be based on Excel but the ideas are applicable to Libre Office Calc and Google Sheets. Session cancelled.

Wed May 6th What's inside. A look at the components that go into your PC or laptop. How they (are supposed to) work together and changing or upgrading them. Session cancelled.

Your suggestions for topics this year are welcome.


Notes, and samples where relevant, for the various completed sessions are available in pdf format in the members area here

Details of previous Refresher and Stage 2 sessions can be found here.


John Heal at computers at whitwicku3a dot org dot uk

Please note that the group leader does not provide a computer consultancy service outside of the normal sessions.

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