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Saturday, 25 May 2019

Saturday, 25 May 2019

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This gallery is split over several pages. Each page displays pictures from a particular year or years as taken by members whilst on some of the shorter walks, including SWANS. The most recent are at the top of the page. The links below can be used to select the relevant year.

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Strollers - April's Walk

A walk from Newton Burgoland, led by Sue and Ian, with lunch afterwards at the Globe in Snarestone.

Do they look laid back?

Yes, they're fine.

May blossom in April!!

Alpacas en route.

Another perfect walking day.

A view of Swepstone Church.

Snarestone Tunnel on the Ashby Canal near the Globe.

SWANS - March's Walk

A walk at Beacon Hill led by Lynda.

Firstly, here's a couple of pictures of the walkers.......

Observing one of the wood sculptures. And here's a few more.......



Strollers - March's Walk

A walk round Coleorton led by Lorraine and Phil, with lunch afterwards at the Angel Inn.

The first of many stiles, next to the Communal Bakehouse/Gunpowder Store.

And another stile!

Approaching Hough Mill.

At Hough Mill.

Maybe we should slow down!!

Is this Limby Hall?

A perfect walking day

Another view of Hough Mill

Strollers - February's Walk

A circular walk from Conkers, towards Blackfordby, through the hamlet of Boothorpe, led by Sue and Ian. An excellent lunch was had afterwards at the Halfway House pub in Donisthorpe.

Over the footbridge at Conkers.

Through the hamlet of Boothorpe

"Admiring" the landfill site near Moira.

SWANS - February's Walk

A walk through the Ticknall Limeyards led by Bill and David, with lunch afterwards at the Smisby Arms..

The Tramway tunnel.

Approaching the limeyards............

One of the lime kilns

Crossing the Calke Abbey Estate

5 Milers - February's Walk

Phil led this walk from Thornton, with lunch at the Bricklayer's Arms afterwards.

Approaching Thornton Reservoir down the slope from the Bricklayer's Arms

Along a ploughed track!!!

Banana break over

Anyone seen a group of walkers?

Approaching Thornton near the end of the walk.

Strollers - January's Walk

A circular walk from Groby Pool, through Newtown Linford, led by Owen and Jenny, with lunch afterwards at the Stamford Arms in Groby.

A little wet underfoot.

The group in Newtown Linford.

Groby Pool.

SWANS - January's Walk

A walk round Queen Elizabeth Woods led by Bill, with lunch afterwards at the Queen's Head in Heather.

On our way

Approaching the lake

It is a swans walk!!

The information cabin

5 Milers - January's Walk

Our first 5 Milers of 2019, a week later than usual to avoid New Year's Day, attracted a very large group of 26 walkers. It was led by Ann round the new section of the Tramway Trail at Calke on a day perfect for walking. The lunch venue had to be changed at the very last minute (poorly chef!!) but those who decided to eat had an excellent carvery at the Tap House in Ashby.

Putting our best feet forward

A section of the trail

All present!!

Nearing the end of the walk in the Calke estate

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