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Saturday, 21 May 2022

Saturday, 21 May 2022

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This gallery is split over several pages. Each page displays pictures from a particular year or years as taken by members whilst on some of the shorter walks, including SWANS. The most recent are at the top of the page. The links below can be used to select the relevant year.

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5 Milers - December's Walk

A 5.2 mile walk from Donisthorpe led by Owen. The weather was not as bad as it could have been - not a lot of rain - as we were hit by the southern edge of Storm Barra. Lunch was at the Halfway House. Because of the weather Owen re-arranged the walk to miss what would have been very boggy ground.

walkers on a woodland path

walkers alongside canal

a loan walker alongside canal


5 Milers - November's Walk

19 walkers set off on a lovely clear autumn day from the Ferrers Arms in Lount. John led us on a route unfamiliar to most walkers on tracks and fields. We had far reaching views of Derbyshire and could enjoy the stunning autumn colours in the sunshine. Quite a few of us indulged in lunch at the pub afterwards and although they could only offer a restricted menu everyone seemed happy with their choice. See our beautiful pictures below, mostly taken from the back markers view!

Rear view of walkers on sunken path between trees

Rear view of walkers on road with trees to the right

Members queung to cross style while being observed by a horse

Group photo on grassland with trees behind

Line of walkers crossing open grassland studded with trees.


5 Milers - October's Walk

18 brave walkers faced the elements on a dreary, drizzly morning! A couple of very brief sunny spells but the rest of the morning was as above. We saw a very gushing Grace Dieu brook after all the heavy rain. Some places were a little muddy underfoot, and there were plenty of challenging high stiles. Despite all this, everyone thoroughly enjoyed the walk and were glad they turned out. It was a lovely route through woodland and across fields with great views along the way. The walk was finished off with a very nice meal at the Bulls Head where service was excellent.

A brook in full spate

Members taking banana break in open field surrounded by trees

Members walking along path in woods

Walkers on a path through bracken

Walkers on a path through open fields


5 Milers - September's Walk

13 walkers braved the 29℃ temperatures on a lovely 4.5 mile route led by Elaine from Woodhouse Eaves up to the Beacon via Broombriggs. Thankfully we spent a lot of time walking in the shade and found the perfect shady spot for our banana break.

A line of walkers heading into dappled shade

Members seated in shade for banana break

Members seated in dappled shade for a break

Walkers standing in a row in fron of trees

Walkers standing and seated in shade of a low-hanging tree


5 Milers - August's Walk

20 members enjoyed a 5 mile route led by Owen from The George at Coleorton.

A line of walkers on path at the edge of a field of barley

Members crossing a style on a path amid trees

A line of walkers crossing a corn field

Some walkers sitting having a break near some old engine room foundations


5 Milers - July's Walk

A near 5 mile walk from Thornton, and walking through Bagworth and Bagworth Wood, led by Pete. The weather was mostly very kind to us with just a few spots of rain to keep us cool. Lunch was at the Bricklayers Arms in Thornton.

the walkers standing in Bagworth Cemetery
The group at Bagworth Cemetery the site of two former Bagworth Churches and the former Bagworth School.

Walkers walking through a field of corn with a view of fields in the distance
Cloudy but clear

Walkers walking through a field of corn,3 in foreground, more in middle distance
Not quite as high as an elephant's eye

Group of walkers having a break - some seated some standing
Bananas all eaten


5 Milers - June's Walk

At last Covid restrictions have been eased and we are allowed to walk again in large groups after 15 months. 12 walkers enjoyed the first walk from Moira Furnace and through lovely National Forest areas towards Hicks Lodge and back.It was a beautiful day and everyone was so pleased to be able to meet up and walk and chat together again. Thanks to Evelyn and Steve for finding a gentle route and ordering the good weather!

11 of the 12 walkersstanding either side of a track

Walkers on curved path with a field of yellow

Group of walkers seated at wooden bench in field


5 Milers - February's Walk

Owen and Jenny led this walk round the Coleorton and Swannington area, and typical of the area the walk included quite a few gradients and stiles. Lunch afterwards was at the Angel Inn, Coleorton.

Walkers on a path
Approaching Hough Mill...........

A windmill and field

Group of walkers stood by mill
The group at the base of Hough Mill

View of windmill across a pond
Another view of Hough Mill

Walkers standing under bridge
Banana break under Church Lane bridge at the bottom of the Swannington Incline, with Potato Lane bridge in the distance.

Group looking at site of old pump house
The group viewing the site of the old engine house at the top of the incline

Walkers walking alonside disused rail track
This used to be a double track in the days of the Swannington Incline


5 Milers - January's Walk

First walk of the year and the weather forecast looked good. We couldn't wait to get out there to walk off the Christmas pud. Unfortunately they got the forecast wrong and we got pretty wet! Never mind, we kept smiling and as it was still good to get out and do some exercise and swop festive activity stories with our fellow walkers.

Lots of water lying about but it did not affect the route we had planned. Even the ducks were worried about getting their feet wet! Nice lunch afterwards at Lakeside, but a shame we had to sit there in our soggy clothes.

Ducks on a boat and a jetty

A tangle of fallen trees over a pond

Narrow boat on a canal heading toward a bridge

A line of well-wrapped walkers on the canal tow-path

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