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Saturday, 21 May 2022

Saturday, 21 May 2022

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This gallery is split over several pages. Each page displays pictures from a particular year or years as taken by members whilst on some of the longer walks, i.e. Ramblers and Striders. The most recent are at the top of the page. The links below can be used to select the relevant year.

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December 2021's Ramblers

Friday 3rd of December was the final walk of the year for Ramblers.16 of us set off from Ticknall for a walk around the Calke Estate including woodland still with autumn colour. The weather was dull but the rain just about managed to hold off. To round off 2021, 18 off us sat down to an excellent lunch at the Staff Of Life

Pathway through trees with many still in autumn leaf
Autumn Colour in December!

Group of walkers on standing on leaf-covered ground amid trees with a gnarled stump in foreground
A brief pause in the woods.

Very large but hollow trunk with leaf-bearing branches.
The 1,200 year old oak tree "The Old Man Of Calke"

Walkers on path passing through trees covered in frost
On the way back to the pub.


Striders, November 2021

Our November walk was led by Brian and Teri starting at Whitwick Leisure Centre. We passed through Swannington, Thringstone, Grace Dieu, and Cademan Woods. We were lucky to have a very mild beautiful autumn day.

Group of 6 members in woods with a carpet of fallen leaves


November 2021's Ramblers

On Friday November 5th Phryne led us on a walk from Ticknall. The varied route took in Knowle Hill House, Ingleby Toft, Robin's Wood, St. Brides, Staunton Harold Reservoir and Ticknall Limeyards. The weather was fine and there were some great views across the Trent to Derbyshire even it was hazy at times. A most enjoyable walk.

Walkers standing either side of a country lane
Banana Break at Ingleby Toft

Walkers on path at side of field of stubble, with a flock of birds overhead
Walking towards St. Brides

Reservoir in background with children's and tree in foreground
Staunton Harold Reservoir

Walkers queuing as they cross a stile next to a metal gate
There were not many stiles today. This is one of them.


October 2021's Ramblers

Our walk was led by Marlene and Neil. We left Nanpanton in bright sun which was surprising after the heavy rain earlier in the morning. The route took us through the Outwoods to a stiff climb up Buck Hill then to Felicity's Wood, Beacon Hill, Woodhouse Eaves and back by a different route through the Outwoods. The distance was 7.5 miles and despite being caught by a sudden heavy shower on Beacon Hill it was a thoroughly enjoyable walk.

Walkers standing on hilltop in sunshine
On Buck Hill.

Walkers helping each other by holding a walking pole when crossing a stream
An overflowing stream with submerged stepping stones.

Walkers seated and standing under a group of trees
Banana Break in the woods.

Walkers with hoods up under an isolated tree
Sheltering from a sudden shower.

view with broken tree in foreground, and power station in the far distance
A view from the Outwoods


Striders, September 2021

Our September walk starting from Wymeswold benefitted from Beautiful weather. Heading towards Hoton and in a loop round to Prestwold we came across a large obstacle on the footpath - a mature ash tree had fallen completely blocking the path - and we had to clamber over it to continue our journey. Uphill from this point we had a great view of Stamford Hall - the new rehabilitation centre. We walked past the back of Prestwold Hall to Burton on the Wolds and then to the sleepy village of Walton on the Wolds before arriving back in Wymeswold. A good 11 miles.

3 members either side of a fallen tree


September 2021's Ramblers

On Friday September 3rd, eight Ramblers led by Terri and Brian set off from Hermitage Leisure Centre on a slightly longer than average walk taking in Bardon Hill, Charnwood Lodge Nature Reserve, Mount St Bernard Abbey and Holly Hayes Wood. Terri and Brian had found paths that were new to many of us which was great. Although somewhat damp and murky at times a most enjoyable walk with some good views.

Walkers on path with trees either side
A woodland path around Bardon Quarry

Walkers standing with quarry behind
On the edge of Bardon Quarry

Walkers seated and standing alongside a large concrete base
Banana Break on a convenient picnic table

Walkers passing through shoulder-high bracken
A fine crop of bracken


August 2021's Ramblers

Our walk on 6th August was lead by Alison. 12 Ramblers set off from Markfield on an eight mile undulating route through fields and woodland with some great long distance views. Heading towards Thornton we passed the reservoir and went in the direction of Ratby before turning north passing the golf course and then Field Head. A most enjoyable walk even though there were a couple of quite heavy showers.

Walkers crossing an open field with grey clouds overhead
Heading towards Thornton

Walkers sheltering under trees with a roof of grey slates behind
Banana break at Thornton Reservoir.

Walkers seated and standing by a hedge
Lunch in a field.


July 2021's Ramblers

On Friday 2nd July Tony Robb led 15 Ramblers on a 7.25 mile walk from Ticknall. The varied route went to Robin Wood, Seven Spouts Farm, Heath Wood, Foremarke Hall, Anchor Church Caves, a path beside the River Trent which is only passable during a dry spell and Knowle Hill House. A thoroughly enjoyable walk in fine weather.

The group standing on wide drive with the Hall behind
Banana Break at Foremarke Hall (now Repton Prep. School)

Walker approaching caves in rock face, being watched by others
Anchor Church Caves

Walker on narrow path close to edge of river
A riverside path just passable after a dry spell.

River in middle ground with tree-lined banks and tall grassin foreground
View across the river Trent to old gravel workings.

Members seated on the ground with a herd of cows in a filed behind them
An audience for lunch.


June (!) 2021's Ramblers

On Friday 28th May, Joyce led a dozen Ramblers on a route from Albert Village through the old coal mining areas of Spring Cottage, behind Conkers, Overseal, Linton Heath and Tunnel Woods where lunch was taken at a very pleasant spot more or less on top of the tunnel. Nature, with a little help from the National Forest Company, has turned the area into woodland and countryside and it was a great walk in fine weather.

Rear view of walkers on a wide path
Walking away from Albert Village

Wooden fence with field behind and trees in distance
A field of buttercups.

Members seated and standing under a tree with gravstones in foreground
Coffee stop in Overseal churchyard.

Members seated at three tables
Lunch at Tunnel Woods.


May 2021's Ramblers

On Friday 7th May 14 Ramblers set off from Ticknall in two groups and completed a 7.8 mile walk in the dry, and even with some sunshine. The route covered Seven Spouts, Ingleby Toft, Poppy Wood (the northern gateway to the National Forest), St Brides, Staunton Harold Reservoir where there was ample room for a socially distanced lunch break and the Ticknall Limeyards. Members enjoyed meeting people they hadn't seen for a while and we now hope that we can continue walking together regularly.

Members passing through gate
Group one leaving Ticknall.

Members standing by roadside gate
Group one having a short stop near Lane End Cottage looking over the River Trent and into Derbyshire.

Three cows staring through a metal gate
Interested spectators.

Five members standing apart
Group two at Staunton Harold Reservoir.

Swan standing at the edge of the reservoir
Staunton Harold Reservoir.

Members standing well apart with trees in background
Group two arrived back at Ticknall.


Striders, April 2021

Five Striders members set out from Milton Derby's for a 9 mile walk taking in Foremark Reservoir. Beautiful sunny weather and certainly good to be back walking as a group.

Members seated near edge of water      Countryside view with reservoir in background


December 2020

A group of 6 walked on the 14th December led by Pearl on a 9.7 mile route from Ashby. A beautiful day for walking but extremely muddy underfoot..

Five members standing well apart in a field


December's Ramblers

December Ramblers took place over two sessions on Friday 11th and Monday 14th to comply with Covid regulations. We assembled on the Friday morning in heavy drizzle. However, by the time we set off the rain had stopped and the walk was completed in the dry. Monday was a different matter, it was a lovely day with almost constant sunshine. The route from Diamond Jubilee Wood to Packington, Swepstone and back towards Donnington was eight miles, around three miles on country lanes and the rest on tracks, footpaths, bridleways and fields. The short lunch stop was on conveniently socially distanced wooden bollards. Friday was wet underfoot and Monday wetter after the heavy rain on Sunday. There was only serious mud for a few yards in a couple of field gateways and where a tractor had been working.

Six members standing socially distanced
Friday Group in Diamond Jubilee Wood.

Members sitting on roadside bollards
Socially distanced lunch stop.

One member astride a style with two others waiting
Socially distanced queue for a stile.

Five members standing apart
Monday Group in Diamond Jubilee Wood.

Members standing in a field with open water in the distance
Long distance view from a high point on the way to Swepstone.


November's Ramblers

The November Ramblers for 17 members that was planned as three groups over Friday 6th and Monday 9th had to be cancelled after the imposition of Lockdown 2. However, eight members were able to participate in a rescheduled walk on Wednesday 4th. We set off from Ticknall in two groups of four, in lovely sunshine, and walked for six and a half miles around Calke Park using some lesser known paths as well as part of the Tramway.

Four members standing in car park
Group one about to set off from Ticknall Village Hall.

Trees starting to lose leaves
Autumn colour in Calke Park 1

Trees with autumn leaves
Autumn colour in Calke Park 2.

Parkland with Calke Abbey in middle distance
Calke Abbey

SWalkers on path with church spire showing in the distance
Heading back towards Ticknall.

Four walkers standing - at a sensible distance from each other
Group two arriving back at Ticknall Village Hall.


February's Ramblers

Well-wrapped walkers on a track
Gorse Lane towards Boothorpe.

Crossing a rather muddy field
From Blackfordby towards Ashby.

Eating lunches at benches in the sunshine
Lunch at Hick's Lodge.

Standing on a footbridge over the canal
Back at Moira Furnace.


February's Striders

View along a tunnel with the far end just visible
There is light at the end of the tunnel.

Members standing near a gate and eating bananas
Banana Break on the Tramway.

Members walking along track with Calke Abbey in the distance
Calke Abbey.

Tree branches dangling into a large expanse of water
Staunton Harold reservoir is full.

Members walking along boardwalk at the side of open water
The boardwalk across the end of Staunton Harold reservoir.

Four members seated at a wooden table
Lunch stop at the Calke visitor centre.


November Striders

Two lock gates almost totally submerged with the canal forming ponds
The intention had been to walk from Zouch. However, shortly after this flooded lock on the pre walk the route was impassable and so a back up plan was used.

A group of five members gathered around a bench
Break at Lount Nature Reserve.

Memberswalking on the verges at either side of a very wet and muddy track
A muddy woodland path

White horse with a coat
A horse with winter coat on at Newbold Coleorton.


October Striders

Members resting on either side of a quiet lane with hedges both sides
Break on Broadstone Lane near Ticknall

Foregound gGrassland, with the reservoir in the middle distance and woods beyond
Distant view of Staunton Harold Reservoir

Several clumps of honey-coloured fungus around a tree stump
Impressive fungi

A calf in a field
A nice looking calf at Calke


September Striders

A filed of sheep with a faint mist
A misty view near Market Bosworth

Three members seated at a bench watching a canal boat about to pass under a bridge
Break by the Ashby Canal

A large number of moored canal boats
Market Bosworth Marina

A line of part-timbered houses
The town centre in Market Bosworth


September's Ramblers

On the path towards Milton from Ticknall.

Glimpses of Fourmark Reservoir.

Sheltering behind a high hedge for lunch.

Carvers Rocks Nature Reserve.


August's Ramblers

The walk was led by Andrea and went from Lount Nature Reserve to Coleorton Woods and Farm Town.

Looking back towards The Woolrooms.

Ramblers crossing a stile is a spectator sport.

The sand martin nesting box in Lount Nature Reserve.

Walking through Lount Nature reserve.


July Striders

A nine and a half mile walk from Melbourne. The route took us to Wilson, the Cloud Trail, the Trent and Mersey Canal, Swarkestone and Stanton by Bridge.

Terraced lawns with Melbourne Hall behind
The rear and gardens of Melbourne Hall.

Bridge parapet and river
The River Trent from the railway bridge on the Cloud Trail.

Members eating while seated on bench alongside track
Banana break on the Cloud Trail just before joining the Trent and Mersey Canal .

Swarkstone Hall Pavilion seen through the bars of a wooden gate
Swarkstone Hall Pavilion. This was the setting for the picture on the cover of the Rolling Stones Beggars Banquet album in 1968.

Meadow in foreground with the tops of vehicles visible over the stone structure of the causeway behind
Swarkestone Causeway from ground level.

Members cseated on the ground in the shade next to a stone wall
Lunch break at Stanton by Bridge. The nearby bench was rejected in favour of the shade of by the wall.

Inscribed stone placque set in brick wall
The site of an ancient well near Melbourne. I believe the inscription translates as "This Holy well by Robert named Hardinge 1662".


June Striders

A nine mile walk starting from Barrow upon Soar and visiting Mountsorrel, the Granite Café, Swithland Reservoir and Quorn.

Water coming over a small weir with a narrow boat in foreground
The River Soar.

Members standing on bridge over the canal, with lockgates in foreground
Mountsorrel Lock.

A section of railway track, with paths either side
The Mountsorrel branch of the Great Central Railway at the Granite Café.

A large mechanical digger and truck working on a lvery large mound of spoil
Some way to go before this pile is shifted.

Articulated lorry stuck part in tight bend of a narrow lane
We're used to climbing over stiles but crawling under a lorry tightly wedged between two walls is a first I think.

Stuck lorry with driver standing alongside using his phone
"Well boss, the sat nav said ….."

Members seated in a meadow of long grass
Lunch near Quorn.

River with willows dangling over
Back to the River Soar near the end of the walk.


May Striders

This month we completed the "Three Great Houses" walk. Starting from Staunton Harold car park we went to Calke Abbey, Melbourne Hall and finally back to Staunton Harold Hall, a distance of 10 miles.

Three female mebers standing with Calke Abbey in background
Approaching Calke Abbey.

Four members standing on driveway in front of Melbourne Hall
At Melbourne Hall

View showing Staunton Harold church, hall and lakes
Almost at Staunton Harold Hall and the end of the walk.


April Striders

A 10 mile figure of eight walk starting from Swepstone The first loop was to Normanton-Le-Heath and the second to Newton Burgoland and Shackerstone

Church with bare trees in foreground
Our starting point at Swepstone Church.

Walkers crossing field with a glint in the distance
Near Normanton-Le-Heath. What could be water on the left of the picture is a field of solar panels.

Members seated and standing alongside canal
Taking a break on the towpath of the Ashby Canal.

A narrow boat approaching with toe-path on the right
A narrow boat cruises on the Ashby Canal

A long line of narrow boats moored on a bend in the canal
Narrow boats moored near Shackerstone.


April's Ramblers

The April Ramblers walk was led by Pearl. We set off from Appleby Parva and took a bridleway which led us to a rather muddy Salt Street at the end of which we reached the wireless station. We continued along another bridleway into the village of Austrey and then across some fields to reach the next village of Newton Regis where we had a civilised lunch sitting on benches overlooking the duck pond. The final section of the walk was a mixture of track, road and field walking through No Mans Heath and back to our starting point. At the end of each walk everyone consults their gadgets for measuring distance - step counters, fitbits, GPS etc - and we come up with a variety of distances. This time they ranged from 5.8 - 8.2 but we decided it was probably somewhere between 7.5 and 8 miles. A very enjoyable walk though.

A muddy Salt Street.

The first of three crossings of the M42.

Further along Salt Street approaching the wireless station mast that can be seen from miles around.

Banana Break with a panoramic view.

Two horses taking an interest in us.

Lunch by the duck pond at Newton Regis.

A carved owl.

The wireless station mast we passed earlier in the distance as we make our way back.


March Striders

Another 11 miles starting from Worthington then following the Cloud Trail to Tonge and on Diseworth, Belton and Osgathorpe

The high stony sides of the quarry
Cloud Hill Quarry

Walking along a slightly muddy path towards an arched bridge
On the Cloud Trail

Members walking at side of road, Breedon church in middle distance
About to cross the A42 with Breedon Church in the background.

Members walking at side of road, control tower in middle distance
The airport control tower is visible from miles around.

Members seated on bench with their bananas, control tower in the distance
Banana break at Diseworth with the airport still in view.

Members crossing large green fields
Wide open spaces heading to Belton.

Members standing in square in front of church
Belton Church.

Two inquisitive porkers
Looking for food (unsuccessfully).


March's Ramblers

The walk was led by Marlene and Neil and started from Mount St Bernard Abbey and went through Oaks in Charnwood and Charley, a distance of around 7 miles.

A view of St Bernard's Abbey at the start of the walk.

There were a number of tumble down stone walls to clamber over in place of stiles.

Banana break near Bardon Quarry.

Another view of the Abbey, this time near the end of the walk.


February Striders

An 11 mile walk starting from Swannington to Whitwick, Cademan Woods, Poachers Corner, Blackbrook Aquaduct, Osgathorpe and Thringstone.

Memebrs climbing a steep bank
Approaching Whitwick the hard way.

Steep rocks with trees at the top
Cademan Rocks

Members seated on a bench and on the grass
Lunch at Osgathorpe Church

Four members crossing a style
In this area we are blessed with many footpaths but also many stiles. We crossed 26 on this walk.


February's Ramblers

In spite of the very cold morning, twelve members turned out for the February meeting of the Ramblers walking group. The walk, led by Sue, began in Ibstock and was based upon "The Miners' Way", a circular walk created in memory of the hundreds of miners who walked on local footpaths to and from collieries in the area.

The 6.5 mile route began by walking along High Street in Ibstock. U3A members Paula and Terry had passed some fascinating historical information to Sue about this central part of the village and she was able to share this with the group. After leaving the village, there were footpaths to follow through Grange Wood and Battram Wood where we saw lots of catkins.

After a walk around and through Battram and more woodland paths (where a few new hawthorn leaves were spotted), we turned towards Ellistown. There was a short section of walking by the road before we turned back towards Ibstock along a track that eventually becomes the residential Pretoria Road. Along this route, we passed the boundary of Ibstock Brick's clay pit where there was lots of activity. Everyone seemed to enjoy the walk in an area that has been transformed by the National Forest during recent decades.

Ibstock Church from Overton Road.

A snow covered track through the woods.

A tree laden with catkins (with the Ramblers standing by it).

In Battram, noisy geese walking away in disgust because we had no food for them!.

Pointing out our next landmark - Pickering Grange Farm.

A large truck climbing out of the Ibstock Brick clay pit.



A 9.5 mile walk starting from Ticknall and passing St Brides, Stanton by Bridge, Inglebury, Seven Spouts and Foremark.

Members leaning on a field gate
Morning break near Inglebury Toft

Chruch with gravestones
Lunch at Foremark Church

Line of walkers beside a hedge
On the way back to Ticknall


January's Ramblers

The Ramblers walk on Friday 4th January started from Groby Pool. It was a very chilly day but 11 members braved the cold and did the figure of eight walk which took them to Hunts Hill and through Bradgate Park and back to Groby Pool, a distance of around 8.5 miles.

Walking towards Newtown Linford.

Banana break at Hunt's Hill.

Cropston Reservoir.

Lunch stop at Bradgate Park.

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