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Saturday, 21 May 2022

Saturday, 21 May 2022

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This page displays pictures illustrating some of the monthly events. The most recent are at the top of the page.

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July 2019 - Wigston Framework Knitters Museum.

Exterior of Museum seen from road
Wigston Framework Knitters Museum

Guide addressing members inside
Inside the Master Hosier's workshop

Bedroom of Master Hosier
The Master Hosier's family lived on the premises

Path and borders in garden
The Victorian Garden


June 2019 - The group went on a guided tour of the National Gas Museum.

Gas powered radiators and cookers

A kitchen with gas appliances 100 years or so ago

Interesting labels tell the history of the gas industry


September 2017 - The group went on a guided tour of the New Lount Colliery site at the New Lount Nature Reserve near Newbold. The colliery closed in 1968. We were guided by John who, together with 3 former colliery workers, explained the workings of the old colliery. The site has been developed as a heritage trail by the joint efforts of the Newbold Heritage Group and the Coleorton and New Lount Volunteer Group. Several information boards were installed in May this year, which are full of interesting information.

The group attentively listening to our guide at one of the information boards.

Showing some of the surface rail tracks.


At another of the informaton boards in an area that used to be busy with rail transportation of the coal.

The concreted-over Shaft No. 1.

Three former New Lount Colliery workers at the weighbridge.



August 2016 - This month the group were led on a very interesting and enlightening walk around Markfield by Pete Johnson, a former resident of Markfield and fellow member of our U3A. Pete offered so much information including that gathered from his first hand knowledge of the village, and so much interest was shown by members during the walk that the scheduled hour for the first part of the walk took 2 hours!! We all look forward with anticipation to part 2 sometime in the future. Here are some pictures taken during the walk....

A couple of pictures of the Methodist Chapel of 1811, being converted to residences.


Convenience Row

The group listening to Pete, having climbed up to Hill Hole Quarry.........

................and the disused quarry itself..........


Old quarry workers' cottages

Outside the Bull's Head

Viewing gravestones at St. Michael and All Angels Church.

The entrance to the old school

The George Inn, now part of the Co-op


July 2016 - A visit to Sir John Moore Foundation School, Appleby Magna

The impressive school building

The old school bell on the terrace

With our guide Adam in the Cellar Bar

With Adam in the school hall..........

.......and some of the many names carved in the walls

The school Coat of Arms and the mechanical workings of the Great Clock, now not working, but maybe again some time in the future

The Headmaster's Study

On the school roof

This wall mural depicts the school's history


June 2016 - A visit to Burrough Hill Iron Age Fort, with our guide Peter Liddle

The group on the hill with Peter Liddle......

......and a couple of views from the hill....


October 2015 - A visit to the King Richard III Centre and the Cathedral in Leicester





August 2015 - The visit to Avoncroft Museum of Buildings at Bromsgrove proved to be a good day out.

Brake Wheel - to take a post mill apart so carefully that they could move ir to Avoncroft and put it all back together so that it worked is amazing.

No prizes for guessing who would love one of these!

Privy - the meeting of the Whitwick U3A Privy Council - the proceeding shall of course remain secret.


July 2015 - On 28th July the History Group had a guided walk around the cemetery at St. Andrew's Church, Thringstone. Our guide was Nita of Friends of Thringstone.

Some families such as the Towles were buried at St Andrew's for generations

Nita enthralled us with her encyclopedic knowledge of the families buried there

Samuel Stacey died aged 26 in the Whitwick Colliery Disaster of 1898

Who knows what caused the children of Mary Hurst to be buried in Griffydam and Whitwick

The inside of St Andrew's is well worth a visit for the wooden beams at the round end of the church


June 2015 - On 29th June the History Group were led by Sue of the Whitwick Historical Group (as well as of the U3A History Group) on a historic walk of Whitwick. We were entertained with many facts about the fascinating history of Whitwick as we walked in the sun.

Members meet at The Station

Holy Cross Church

At the Framework Knitters Cottages

Alongside Holly Hayes Brook

Holly Hayes Brook as it goes under the old railway bridge before joining up with Pingle Brook and on towards the North Sea

St. John the Baptist Church

Whitwick Cemetery and the Gravestone of Thomas Ashford, the only postman at the time with a VC....

....and three of the people lost in the Whitwick mining disaster of 1898

Seal's Elastics factory in Church Lane

On the old railway line to Whitiwck Station

At The Station, and the double bridge providing a passing place and access to the goods yard


May 2015 - Stoneywell

A hidden gem

Waiting for our house tour

Listening to our very knowldgeable garden guide

Beautiful gardens


February 2015 - Alison Coates in the character of Widow Jennyt Grooby talking about Richard III's Leicester


November 2014 - Bis talking about Swannington pre WW1


June 2014 - Visit to Laxton - the only open field system remaining in England

In the Laxton Visitor Centre

Laxton Church gargoyles

The open field system extends to the distant woodland

A field left fallow

A Gate - an access road between fields

This field consists of two separately tenanted strips


Thrumpton Hall, Jun 2013


WW1 memorabilia, Jan 2013


British Geological Survey, Oct 2012

A drill bit!

Finding out about a core

Inspecting a core

Looking at fossils

Miles (and miles!) of cores

Our guide



Wollaton Hall, June 2012


Front aspect

On the roof

Wine Cellar


Prebendal Manor, May 2012

Part of the Garden

Prebendal Manor

Prebendal Manor with Church spire behind.

Members enjoying refreshments in the barn


Scenes from Tamworth Castle, April 2012





Dr Kinsy Dart speaking about the Black Death - March 2012


Scenes from Pot Luck buffet and SchoolDays, Jan 2012

Pot Luck Buffet

Tricia and her school books

Sue and the pinny she made at school

Jane and her father's swimming certificate

Brian and his 58yr old school blazer


Scenes from Moira, Oct 2011

Enjoying the trip on the Ashby Canal

The guide, Steve Scotney, explaining features of the site

Group members at the top of the blast furnace

A view of the furnace from the canal

The guide explaining how hot air was pumped into the furnace


Scenes from Ashby Castle, Sept 2011



Outside St Laurence Church in Measham, Aug 2011


Being shown round Bradgate House, July 2011


Members being introduced to the history of Ticknall May 2011


Nigel Holmes talking about War Memorials, March 2011


Examing Ticknall Pottery with Sue and Janet Nov 2010


Tissington Hall August 2010



Bolsover Castle July 2010





Grace Dieu Priory - April 2010


Insanitary Ashby , Mar 2010

Rapt attention to Insanitary Ashby (despite rain!), and a moment of shelter


Bosworth Battlefield Centre, Oct 2009

Setting out from Bosworth Battlefield Centre

Heading to Albion Hill

At the "Well", Bosworth Battlefield

Where Bosworth Battlefield now is?


Swannington History with Dennis Baker, Sept 2009

Hough Mill

Swannington Incline


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