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Saturday, 15 May 2021

Saturday, 15 May 2021

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A short walk of approx 3 to 4 miles taking approximately two hours, being relatively easy although there may be some stiles and gentle slopes. It is hoped that the walks will be led by various members of the group, although there is no pressure to lead a walk if you feel unable to.

You may also be interested in our SWANS or 5 milers groups.

NEW Wed May 19th Strollers will be resuming with a walk around Mountsorrel. Please let Group Leader know if you are interested.

Participants should also complete a personal risk assessment - this does not need to be shared with the Group Leader.




3rd Wednesday of every month 10.30am.


Lorraine and Phil Ellis at strollers at whitwicku3a dot org dot uk

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Below are some pictures from a recent walk.

More pictures are in the gallery.

Strollers - November's Walk

A figure-of-8 walk from Snarestone, led by Sue and Ian, including a bit of the Ivanhoe Way and along the newly restored section of the Ashby Canal. Although a bit wet underfoot the weather was perfect for walking. Afterwards there was an optional lunch at the Globe in Snarestone.

Walkers gathering in car park
The walkers gathering in the Globe car park.

20 walkers in single file across a field in bright sunshine
Gorgeous walking weather.

Walkers entering village of Snarestone
Entering Snarestone again - maybe we should slow to 30!!

3 ladies sitting on a bench
That's right ladies - no room for the gents!!

Walkers muddy boots in mud   Walkers walking beyond waterlogged ground
There was a little water underfoot!!.

View of the end of canal
The end of the new section of Ashby Canal, and the planned extension to Measham.

Walkers on a metal bridge over the canal
Crossing the bridge at Snarestone Wharf.....

.....to view the old pumping station.....

View of old pumping station equipment

Walkers on the top of a canal bridge
On bridge 61 where the towpath moves to the other side of the canal.

View of walkers and canal with towpath covered in brown leaves
On the Ashby Canal nearing Snarestone again.

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