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Saturday, 21 May 2022

Saturday, 21 May 2022

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This gallery is split over several pages. Each page displays pictures from a particular year or years as taken by members whilst on some of the shorter walks, including SWANS. The most recent are at the top of the page. The links below can be used to select the relevant year.

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5 Milers - December's Walk

A walk from Long Whatton, led by Sue, with lunch at the Falcon Inn afterwards. It was a perfect day for walking with clear blue skies, but very wet underfoot.

Walkers in the pub car park
Our walk leader giving us some history on Long Whatton before we start walking.

Walkers walking through deep mud
Mud, mud, glorious mud!

Farm buildings with walkers and cows   Cows in a barn
Down on the farm

A view of trees, a field and a church in the distance
A view of Belton church.

Walkers standing in the sunshine
16 walkers in the sun.

Walkers crossing a field

Walkers along a road entering a village
They may not welcome muddy boots.

The pub buffet food table   The group in the pub restaurant
Back at the Falcon for a welcome buffet.


Strollers - November's Walk

A figure-of-8 walk from Snarestone, led by Sue and Ian, including a bit of the Ivanhoe Way and along the newly restored section of the Ashby Canal. Although a bit wet underfoot the weather was perfect for walking. Afterwards there was an optional lunch at the Globe in Snarestone.

Walkers gathering in car park
The walkers gathering in the Globe car park.

20 walkers in single file across a field in bright sunshine
Gorgeous walking weather.

Walkers entering village of Snarestone
Entering Snarestone again - maybe we should slow to 30!!

3 ladies sitting on a bench
That's right ladies - no room for the gents!!

Walkers muddy boots in mud   Walkers walking beyond waterlogged ground
There was a little water underfoot!!.

View of the end of canal
The end of the new section of Ashby Canal, and the planned extension to Measham.

Walkers on a metal bridge over the canal
Crossing the bridge at Snarestone Wharf.....

.....to view the old pumping station.....

View of old pumping station equipment

Walkers on the top of a canal bridge
On bridge 61 where the towpath moves to the other side of the canal.

View of walkers and canal with towpath covered in brown leaves
On the Ashby Canal nearing Snarestone again.


5 Milers - November's Walk

12 hardy walkers braved the cold, wet and windy weather to enjoy a bracing 4.5 mile walk around Heather. We all thought we knew what Heather had to offer but we were taken on routes we had no idea existed! A lovely varied walk, but shame about the weather.

Wlkers at the edge of a field

Building and trees seen across a field

Walkers taking a break sheltering by a hedge

A line of walkers heading toward some trees

Walkers on a narrow path through head height maize

SWANS - October's Walk

A walk round Hough Mill, Swannington.

A pond with reeds and trees showing some autumn colour

View across pond showing Hough Mill behind

Hough Mill from the front showing the sails and adjacent buildings
The mill with sails

Members admiring the horse statue and the reconstructed gin
The group at the replica horse gin in the gorse Field

Group photo of the walkers
The group in Moor Lane (formerly Workhouse Lane) with Dr Parker's 1930 art deco house in the background

5 Milers - Sepember's Walk

A walk from Donisthorpe, led by Owen, with lunch aterwards at the Halfway House.

Our walk leader with some historical facts at the site of the old Oakthope Colliery.

Through Willesley Woods


5 Milers - August's Walk

Although slightly longer than usual (about 6 miles) this walk, led by Lynda, was quite easy on the legs, although it turned out to be a bit of a wet day!! We started at Packington, through Normanton le Heath, and back to Packington via Queen Elizabeth Diamond Jubilee Wood. Lunch afterwards was at the Beeches in Ashby.

I have 4 horns. Am I a goat or maybe a Jacob sheep?

Battling through the weather beaten wheat. There's a path here somewhere!

Holy Trinity Church, Normanton le Heath.

Sheltering in the Welcome Barn in Queen Elizabeth Diamond Jubilee Wood.

A very wet group of walkers.

Trying to avoid the mud.

Having a chat with the Alpacas.

Don't go!!


SWANS - July's Walk

A walk round Swannington, led by Janet and Jenny, on the day that broke the record for the highest temperature ever recorded in Britain, 38.7 deg C. This was actually in Cambridge, but it was plenty warm enough in Swannington. Lunch afterwards was at the Robin Hood pub.

Group of walkers framed by the Potato Bridge
Pausing under Potato Bridge on the Swannington Incline.

Line of walkers on path through filed with Swannington in th background
Approaching Swannington.

Strollers - June's Walk

A 3.1 mile walk from Ticknall, along the edge of the Calke Estate and returning through the Limeyards. Lunch afterwards was at the Smisby Arms. The weather was almost perfect, considering the very wet forecast!!

Line of walkers on path through field with a few sheep

Walkers on path through crops with a line of trees behind

Walkers emerging from woodland

5 Milers - June's Walk

A 5 and a half mile walk from Markfield, led by Pete, covering Ulverscroft and Copt Oak areas. Lunch was at the Coach and Horses.

Our walk leader describing the old windmill that used to stand on this site in Markfield.

Banana break next to Ulverscroft Manor.

SWANS - June's Walk

A walk round Hick's Lodge, led by David and Helena, with lunch afterwards at the Halfway House, Donisthorpe.

A lovely warm day for a gentle walk

Next to the bird hide and the "Black to Green" feature,

signifying the change from the opencast coal field to the natural area it is now.

A "gaggle" of geese.

SWANS - May's Walk

A walk in Outwoods, led by Maggie, with lunch afterwards at the Copt Oak. It was another perfect walking day, along part of the Outwoods Sculpture Trail. Firstly some pictures of the walkers.....

"Woodland Web"

Now some views overlooking Loughborough...........

Strollers - May's Walk

The May Strollers,led by Owen, started from Dimminsdale and after climbing 45 steps walked along a permissive path through Spring Wood then across fields towards Melbourne. There are 13 walk-through stiles along the permissive path, each inscribed with part of a poem; from south to north a quotation from Hillaire Belloc and north to south a verse by John Blunt who created the path in 1994. At the end of the permissive path we changed direction towards Breedon on public footpaths and a country lane before heading back to Dimminsdale across more fields and then alongside the wall bounding the Staunton Harold Estate before descending the 45 steps back to the car park. Our Banana Break was taken in the sunshine at the highest point on the walk with views into Derbyshire and of Breedon Church, the Airport Tower and Newbold Coleorton Brickworks chimney. Lunch afterwards was at the Ferrers Arms.

There were 45 steps to climb at the start of the walk.

The permissive path through Spring Wood.

Some bluebells were still in flower.

Part of the quotation from Hillaire Belloc on one of the walk-through stiles.

A view towards Breedon Church.

Banana break with views in all directions.

This is a great view of Staunton Harold Hall in the winter when there are no leaves on the trees.

SWANS - April's Walk

A walk in Bradgate Park, led by John and Beryl, with lunch afterwards at the Copt Oak.

Strollers - April's Walk

A walk from Newton Burgoland, led by Sue and Ian, with lunch afterwards at the Globe in Snarestone.

Do they look laid back?

Yes, they're fine.

May blossom in April!!

Alpacas en route.

Another perfect walking day.

A view of Swepstone Church.

Snarestone Tunnel on the Ashby Canal near the Globe.

5 Milers - March's Walk

A 5.1 mile walk from The Queen's Head in Heather, led by John, alongside Sence Valley Forest Park, through Kelham Wood, returning along the banks of the Sence and skirting the edge of the Diamond Jubillee Wood. Lunch was available at the pub afterwards. Here's some pictures taken on the way.

SWANS - March's Walk

A walk at Beacon Hill led by Lynda.

Firstly, here's a couple of pictures of the walkers.......

Observing one of the wood sculptures. And here's a few more.......



Strollers - March's Walk

A walk round Coleorton led by Lorraine and Phil, with lunch afterwards at the Angel Inn.

The first of many stiles, next to the Communal Bakehouse/Gunpowder Store.

And another stile!

Approaching Hough Mill.

At Hough Mill.

Maybe we should slow down!!

Is this Limby Hall?

A perfect walking day

Another view of Hough Mill

Strollers - February's Walk

A circular walk from Conkers, towards Blackfordby, through the hamlet of Boothorpe, led by Sue and Ian. An excellent lunch was had afterwards at the Halfway House pub in Donisthorpe.

Over the footbridge at Conkers.

Through the hamlet of Boothorpe

"Admiring" the landfill site near Moira.

SWANS - February's Walk

A walk through the Ticknall Limeyards led by Bill and David, with lunch afterwards at the Smisby Arms..

The Tramway tunnel.

Approaching the limeyards............

One of the lime kilns

Crossing the Calke Abbey Estate

5 Milers - February's Walk

Phil led this walk from Thornton, with lunch at the Bricklayer's Arms afterwards.

Approaching Thornton Reservoir down the slope from the Bricklayer's Arms

Along a ploughed track!!!

Banana break over

Anyone seen a group of walkers?

Approaching Thornton near the end of the walk.

Strollers - January's Walk

A circular walk from Groby Pool, through Newtown Linford, led by Owen and Jenny, with lunch afterwards at the Stamford Arms in Groby.

A little wet underfoot.

The group in Newtown Linford.

Groby Pool.

SWANS - January's Walk

A walk round Queen Elizabeth Woods led by Bill, with lunch afterwards at the Queen's Head in Heather.

On our way

Approaching the lake

It is a swans walk!!

The information cabin

5 Milers - January's Walk

Our first 5 Milers of 2019, a week later than usual to avoid New Year's Day, attracted a very large group of 26 walkers. It was led by Ann round the new section of the Tramway Trail at Calke on a day perfect for walking. The lunch venue had to be changed at the very last minute (poorly chef!!) but those who decided to eat had an excellent carvery at the Tap House in Ashby.

Putting our best feet forward

A section of the trail

All present!!

Nearing the end of the walk in the Calke estate

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