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Saturday, 21 May 2022

Saturday, 21 May 2022

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This gallery is split over several pages. Each page displays pictures from a particular year or years as taken by members whilst on some of the shorter walks, including SWANS. The most recent are at the top of the page. The links below can be used to select the relevant year.

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Strollers - November's Walk

A walk from Zouch, through Sutton Bonington, led by Sue and Ian, with lunch at Rose and Crown afterwards.

Gathering outside the Rose and Crown.

Along the River Soar.

Heading towards Sutton Bonington.

Through Sutton Bonington.

2018 - SWANS - November's Walk

A walk round Thornton Reservoir led by Bill, with lunch at the Bricklayer's Arms afterwards.

Heading towards the reservoir from the starting point at the pub.

A couple of forlorn looking ponies.

Finally a couple of views of the reservoir............

5 Milers - December's Walk

Our last walk of 2018 was led by Bill and David and took us from The George and Dragon in Thringstone towards Griffydam, through Osgathorpe and to Belton, and back. It was a glorious day for walking - clear skies - and lunch was at the pub afterwards.

Leaving the pub behind us.

A line of walkers..........

........and again, with the power station in the background.

Through Osgathorpe............

.........and alongside the brook.

Looking up or down?     Actually it's a reflection!

Banana break.

Another line of walkers!

An inquisitive group!

Can you see the fox above?                                                                    Now can you?                

One of our group telling us a bit about the Charnwood Forest Canal and the remains of the Junction House in the picture.

5 Milers - October's Walk

A walk around Coleorton and Swannington led by Phil and Lorraine

Near Hough Mill

Near Hough Mill

SWANS - October's Walk

A walk round Sence Valley Country Park led by John, with lunch at the Queen's Head in Heather afterwards.

The walkers near the start of the walk, attentively listening to our walk leader,

and more pictures en route..............

Horseshoe lake on the right

Welcome to the SWANS walk

A view of Stonebridge Pool taken from the hide in the picture below....

Near the end of the walk at Goss Water

Strollers - October's Walk

A walk from Ibstock and to Battram Woods, led by Steve and Christine, with lunch at The Gate afterwards.

Through Battram Woods.

Our walk leader providing useful information regarding the Ibstock Brick Quarry, which is just over the fence.

Two interested, and interesting, observers.

SWANS - September's Walk

A walk from Bosworth Battlefield led by Paula and Terry.

The walkers in the sunshine

The battlefield plaques. The right hand one is just in case you don't read Latin!

Strollers - September's Walk

Our September stroll was led by Phil and Lorraine. On a fine but blustery day 15 Strollers started from Cropston and had a most enjoyable three mile circular walk to Thurcaston with much interesting historical detail provided along the way, followed by lunch at the Bradgate Arms.

Our leaders provided interesting information along the way.

Thurcaston Church.

A view towards Bradgate Park.

Crossing the "Coffin Bridge". Cropston and Thurcaston share a church and this is the route the deceased from Cropston would have taken to the church at Thurcaston.

It can't be often that Strollers make it to the beach!

5 Milers - September's Walk

A walk around Attenborough Nature Reserve led by Phryne, with lunch at the Visitors' Centre afterwards.

Outside the Visitors' Centre before the walk

On the path along the side of the railway

It's a floodgate!

This is a flock of geese!

A view of the reserve

A couple of views of the River Trent.........

and finally a couple of pictures of a swan and ducks.......


SWANS - August's Walk

15 walkers gathered for a walk from Lount led by Bill. Lunch afterwards was at the Cross Keys pub.

Here's a few pictures taken en route..........


Strollers - August's Walk

A walk led by Steve and Evelyn, around the countryside north of Ashby. There was an optinal lunch afterwards at the Beeches.

Firstly, a couple of pictures en route...................

>Here's the group..........

A view looking north, showing Breedon Church and Ratcliffe-on-Soar power station..........

And finally, a couple of 4-legged friends........


5 Milers - August's Walk

A walk from Sutton Wharf led by Steve and Evelyn

St. James Church, Sutton Cheney.........

........and inside the Church........

Is this life on the Ashby Canal?

Back to Sutton Wharf, where the walkers had lunch.

5 Milers - July's Walk

A walk from Dimminsdale led by Elaine and Martin. Optional lunch was at the Smisby Arms.

Approaching Staunton Harold.........

.........and a some views of Staunton Harold Church.......


A tight fit on a narrow footbridge

Looking over Staunton Harold reservoir.......

...........and a heron spotted by a keen eyed walker.......


May's Saunter

A walk in Stamford Memorial Park, Groby

Round the park then - you're never too old!


SWANS - May's Walk

A Walk from Moira led by Adrian and Norma. Lunch afterwards was at the Lakeside Bistro.


Battling through the undergrowth

Our walk leader having a rest!! Does the pooch look impressed?

Strollers - June's Walk

A walk led by Bill and David through Mountsorrel and along the River Soar.

There was an optional lunch afterwards at the Waterside Inn.

A weir on the Soar close to the Waterside Inn

At the 1860 bridge

On our way with the bridge in the background

At The Quay in Mountsorrel

The view from the top of Castle Hill

The route took us along part of the Leictershire Round

Two views of the River Soar - with the same swan in picture!!

Further along the Soar, nearing the end of our walk

The pub is in sight. We are nearly there.........

5 Milers - June's Walk

Juneís 5milers walk, led by Lynda, began in the car park of the Crewe And Harpur pub in Swarkestone. It took us along the Trent & Mersey Canal and through Barrow upon Trent.

There was an optional lunch afterwards at the pub.

View through a stile.

Single file across a field........

.......and along the Trent & Mersey Canal

A view of Swarkestone Pavilion

The walkers on the edge near Swarkestone Lock!

Not quite walking the line

Reflecting near Barrow upon Trent

Swanning on the River Trent

Strollers - May's Walk

A walk led by Peter and Val from Staunton Harold

A little friend came to see us off

What is it?

The happy 15

At David Nash's sculpture, which you need to see at 13.04 on mid-summer's day - assuming the sun is shining.

5 Milers - May's Walk

Mayís 5milers walk, led by Owen, began in Ticknall Village Hall car park and took us via Foremark before returning to Ticknall.

There was an optional lunch afterwards at the Smisby Arms.

Admiring the view from Knowle Hill.........

A few bluebells in Stantons Wood

After our banana break at Foremark Church

A view from the Church

and a couple more shots en route..........

SWANS - April's Walk

A walk in Bradgate Park led by John and Beryl.

A cool but clear day

Young Fallow Deer

A bit of sun to warm us up

Bradgate House

An Egret, spotted by our walk leader John

Very old oaks

Strollers - April's Walk

A walk led by Rose from Linton Heath

5 Milers - April's Walk

Aprilís 5milers Walk, led by Sue, began in Nailstone where the group of 13 walkers gathered by the Church. The skies were overcast but we completed the walk without getting wet.

The route took us over fields to the outskirts of Bagworth and gave pleasant views over the countryside in spite of few signs of spring. In Bagworth, we changed direction and headed for Barlestone. Nailstone Church spire is such a prominent landmark that the walk from Barlestone back to Nailstone was very straightforward.

After frequent rainfall during previous days, the paths were muddy and this hampered progress at some points. However, a more notable feature was the high number of stiles. We lost count but it could have been a record-breaking number for this Group! Afterwards, most of the walkers stayed on for a convivial lunch at the Gate at Osbaston.

Sheltering from light drizzle at Nailstone Church before we start

Leaving Nailstone behind

A happy bunch

Some 4-legged friends........

Nailstone in sight again

Getting closer.........

SWANS - February's Walk

A 2-mile walk round Grace Dieu Woods led by David, with the help of Ann who provided a bit of the history of Grace Dieu Manor and the woods.

The walkers on the stone bridge over Grace Dieu Brook

The original entrance to Grace Dieu Manor, with a view of the chapel.

Alongside Grace Dieu Brook,

and a view of the woods.............

Strollers - March's Walk

A walk led by Richard in the Swadlincote area.

Flooded woodland.

Walking through Swainspark Wood.

Ready to walk again after our Banana Break.

Part of the walk was on the Ennstone Trail.

Albert Village Lake.

5 Milers - March's Walk

A 5-mile circular walk, led by Pete, starting from The Belper Arms in Newton Burgoland, touching Shackerstone, and along the Asnby Canal.

All we want is a pre-walk pint!!

Outside the Congregational Church in Newton Burgoland

There was still a bit of snow lying around

The Ashby Canal at Shackerstone

"Snow Sculpture"

Strollers - February's Walk

A walk led by Ian and Sue round Willesley Wood.

Banana break over.

Viewing the gravestones at St. Thomas Church.

Snowdrops next to the Church

A pair of nesting swans

SWANS - January's Walk

A walk round Ibstock led by John S. An excellent lunch was enjoyed at the Queen's Head in Heather. The walk started at the cemetery on Pretoria Road..........

Outward bound into the bright sun

Early catkins

Inward bound back to the village

Strollers - January's Walk

A walk led by Owen from Shackerstone, through Bilstone and Congerstone.

St. Peter's Church, Shackerstone

Some paths were reasonably firm............

.......others not so!!

Approaching Congerstone

Group photo in Congerstone

Along the Ashby Canal back towards Shackerstone

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